From the Mediterranean to the North Pole

The Aletsch region is characterized by extremes: in a very small area and over only a few hundred meters (several hundred feet) in altitude, the environment changes from hot and dry areas to meadows and fields cultivated by humans to cool forests and desolate glacier landscapes, resulting in the amazing biodiversity of the region.


Each of these habitats is subject to a unique set of conditions: the temperature, wind, sunshine, moisture and nutrients in the soil are important environmental factors to which living organisms must adapt. These varying conditions create extremely diverse habitats in which a wide variety of animals and plants flourish. This is the basis of the biodiversity in this impressive natural and cultural environment.


From heat to eternal ice in just 7 kilometers (4 miles) 

Join us on a trip from the seemingly Mediterranean mountain steppes on the southern slopes to the icy landscape of the Great Aletsch Glacier. Encounter an amazing variety of animals such as the exotic European green lizard or the cold-resistant glacier flea!