Our objectives, values and responsibilities

On the crest between the natural environment to the north and the cultivated landscape to the south, you’ll find the Pro Natura Center Aletsch. The nature conservation center housed in Villa Cassel acts as a mediator between these very different regions. Reconciling them so that both nature and tourism can benefit from each other is one of the most important responsibilities of the Pro Natura Center Aletsch.


Mediator between nature and culture
Villa Cassel’s location on the Riederfurka ridge is symbolic. The present nature conservation center stands precisely on the mountain crest that separates the centuries-old cultivated landscape on the southern slopes of the Rhone Valley from the Alpine natural environment with glaciers and the Aletsch Forest on the northern side. The Pro Natura Center Aletsch acts as a mediator for the successful coexistence of these immensely different regions.


Our objectives

Ongoing environmentally compatible and sustainable development of tourism is just as important as the categorical protection of the northern slopes from further real estate development. The protection of traditional cultivated landscapes can be ensured only with sustainable and environmentally compatible development in agriculture and tourism. At the same time, areas subject to rigorous nature conservation are an important asset for environmentally compatible summer tourism. We see the reconciliation, promotion and preservation of nature and culture as important duties. Thus, we try to contribute to the achievement of these goals at a range of different levels.

Environmental education and...
On site, we make use of environmental education to inform visitors about the beauty and worthiness of protection of all aspects of the Aletsch region. School classes and adult groups as well as individual tourists benefit from our wide range of offers, including the exhibitions, the Alpine garden and excursions as well as courses, seminars and class camps.

...organic products from the region
With our guesthouse operations we try to be a role model for the region by using regional and organic products. Long-term partnerships with organic farmers ensure trust, transparency and sustainability.