Rules regarding pets

Pets are not allowed in the Pro Natura Center Aletsch. Thank you for your understanding.


The reasons for our decision

The staff of the Pro Natura Center Aletsch are not against pets – on the contrary! We enjoy not only wild animals, but house pets as well, particularly dogs.

Thus, our ban on pets was very carefully considered.

We took this step based on the following grounds:


  • The exhibition and tea salon rooms are very small. There are often lots of visitors at Villa Cassel. Dog owners have told us that dogs do not enjoy being in such crowded conditions.
  • Many people, including some of the guests of the center, not only respect dogs but are afraid of them. Thus, out of consideration for both the dogs and these guests, we decided to ban dogs from the center.
  • In the tea salon, hygiene also played a role in this decision.
  • The parquet flooring in the villa is more than 100 years old, very beautiful, and must be treated with great care. We therefore request our visitors to wear slippers or to take off their hiking boots. Dogs are generally very uncomfortable on the slippery parquet floors. They slip and can damage the delicate floor with their claws.


For all of the aforementioned reasons, we ask for your understanding of our rules on pets. Thank you very much.