From the summer residence to the nature conservation center

Behind the historic Villa Cassel lies an eventful, hundred-year history. At the beginning of the 20th century, Villa Cassel was built to be the chic summer residence of the rich Englishman Sir Ernest Cassel. After Cassel’s death the house was run as a hotel and for more than 25 years now it has been the home of Switzerland’s first Alpine environmental education center.


If you are curious about the past of this unique half-timbered villa, we kindly invite you to take a short virtual tour through the past century. Afterwards you may be inspired to visit us and join our tour entitled «Sir Cassel welcomes you...» to experience the evidence of the past for yourself.


Journey through time
And now let us travel back almost 110 years, to a time when a telegram from the distant city of London seemed to shake the tranquility of the Riederalp mountains...